Worksite Access & Industrial Matting

Superior ROW Services provides industrial land matting for site access and temporary surfaces to Oil and Gas, Pipeline, Power line Utilities, Construction, Events, Military, and Heavy Hauling operations.  Superior ROW provides custom timber matting and DURA-BASE® advanced-composite mat systems as a means to create environmentally friendly access to any site over the most sensitive terrain eliminating weather and other major challenges to heavy equipment transport and staging areas.  

For our electrical utility clients, Superior ROW provides the very best options of composite mats that include grounding systems for equipotential zones to meet ASTM standards, and even zone rails to help maintain the safety of workers and equipment inside the designated work area.  

Benefits of Industrial Matting:

  • Protect site from spills
  • Provide a safe work platform for personnel
  • Reduce liner cost
  • Reduce liner disposal cost
  • Reduce site construction cost
  • Reduce site reclamation cost
  • Reduce transportation cost
  • Solid ground support in all soils